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Corey ‘Oda’ Popp is an emerging Japanese-American contemporary artist, currently living and working in the rural French Canadian countryside, who's works can be found in exhibits, permanent collections and museums around the globe. 

Primarily working in oils, Oda creates hyperrealistic paintings with the traditional Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi- a practice in simplicity and reduction. With meditative method and application, Oda’s work expresses an appreciation of the ingenious integrity of natural objects and process, as he paints large scale stones and minerals, that remind the viewer of where the advanced world we now live in, was built from.


His recent collection of representationalism work examines aesthetic and industry. Through his sincere portrayal of contemporary art, we learn about the roles core elements play in todays world, and through a high level of detail, and textural approach the viewer becomes part of the meditative practice as the eyes are carried over the repeating textural patterns and finely rendered details of the rough and raw forms.

In an ever advancing chaotic world, Oda’s work breaths clarity, with the absence of pretence and artificiality, through understated truth, and beauty. 

       “Earth has created and left for us the most wondrous specimens- for which we then mine, break down, shape and form into the structures we now know and use today. My paintings serve as a reminder of the beauty within earth's most simple forms, before becoming humanities' complex world.”

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