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Corey Oda Popp b.1984 is a Japanese-American award winning contemporary sculptor whos work has been exhibited in galleries and museums internationally. Oda has participated in numerous art fairs globally, and his work can be found in private and public collections worldwide. His work has been published in books, magazines and televised features.

Primarily working in plaster, Oda sculpts organic forms with an earthy patina and decadent texture. The focus on form and materiality eludes to the absence of pretence and artificiality by eliminating the unnecessary, and focusing on terrestrial materiality as a means to ground the work in understated truth, and clarity.

       “Earth has created and left for us the most wondrous specimens- for which we then mine, break down, shape and form into the structures we now know and use today. My work serves as a reminder of the beauty within earth's most simple forms, before becoming humanities' complex world.”



*2020 / 2021 Exhibits have been cancelled due to covid-19


Art Market Productions San Francisco Art Fair - Hallspassov Gallery, April 25th-28th

'Elements' group show - Haven Gallery, Northport, NY. May 11th-June16th


'Suggestivism'- group show:  NY, July 


'27th Annual Miniatures Show' - Group Exhibit: Abend Gallery, Denver, CO December 8th-31st 

'And If Our Days Won't Last' -  Group Show: Distinction Gallery, CA. November 11th - December 2nd

'Fruition' - Group show: Artists Republic, Anaheim,CA. October 28th 

'Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series' Semi Finals exhibit - Duran Mashaal Gallery, Montreal, QC October 5th-13th

'Palette Exhibition' group show - Abend Gallery, Denver, CO. June 16th-July 8th 

'Mirror/Mirror' group show - Lovetts Gallery, Tulsa, OK. June 9th and 10th 

'Quintessence' - group exhibition - Raison D'etre, Southampton, NY. June

'555' group show - Galerie Youn, Montreal, QC. May 5th - May 27th 2017.

'10th Annual Contemporary Art Exhibition - Museum of Northern History, April 6th - May 3rd 

'Drawn to Life' group show - Raison D'etre, Southampton, NY. March 25th

'Attention to Detail' group Show - Robert Lange Studios, Charleston, SC. February 3rd 

'Red' group show - Lovetts Gallery, Tulsa, OK. February 10th-11th

'Flesh and Bone' group show - BeinArt Gallery, Melbourne Australia, January 14th - February 3rd

'Supersonic's 6th Annual Invitational' group show - New York, NY. January 7th - 29th



'Halcyon' group Show - Raison D'etre, Southampton NY. November 26th 2016 - January 2nd 

'The 26th Annual Holiday Miniatures Show' - Abend Gallery, Denver, CO. December 2nd - December 31st 

'Jamais Vu' Duo Show - BeinArt Gallery, Melbourne Australia, November 12th - December 4th 

'Cauldron: A Beautiful Brew' group Show - Lovetts Gallery, Tulsa, OK. October 21st -  November 22nd 

'Point of Origin'-Palette Exhibition group Show - Lodge Gallery, Manhattan, NY. October 13th - November 13th 

'Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series Competion Semi Finals' - Galerie Youn, Montreal, QC. September 8th-12th 

'Nexus' group show - Abend Gallery, Denver CO. April 8th - May 7th 

'Parchment' group show - NR Gallery, Cheltenham, UK. July - September 

'More Than A Cone' - MTAC's annual charity event/auction, Los Angeles, CA. June

'3rd Annual Edge of Realism' group show - Abend Gallery, Denver, CO. June 23rd - July 23rd 

beinArt Inaugural Exhibition - beinArt Gallery, Melbourne, Australia, March 12th - April 26th 

The 5th Annual Supersonic Invitational - Spoke Art, San Francisco, CA. Jan 9th - 30th

'eXXpectations' group show - Delray, FL. Cornell Museum of Art, October 29th, 2015 -January 3rd ​


'Transfigure' - Three person group show. Last Rites Gallery, New York, NY. 22nd-October 3rd 

'Great Minds Art Expo' -  Group show, 962 Studios, Winter Springs, FL. February 28 

 - Works in the permanent collection of Etihad Modern Art Gallery, United Arab Emirates.

Publications and Press:

2022- 'Visite Privee- Artists and Creatives at Home'- Beta Plus Publishing

2022- AD Italia 

2022- AD Germany

2021- Architectural Digest

2020- Hamptons Home and Garden

2017- American Art Collector, March 2017 Issue

2016- American Art Collector, April 2016 issue

2016- Paintguide Book

2016- Le Petit Voyeur, 5th Edition

2016- Juxtapoz Magazine, June 2016 issue

2016- Evolved Magazine Issue #08

2016- Skin Deep Magazine, Issue #270

2015- Hi Fructose Magazine, September 2015 issue

2015- Virtuosos of Paint, Out of Step Books Publication

2015- Pandaemonium, Out of Step Books Publication

2015- TATTOODO: Oda an King, Married in Heart and Art, 2015.

2015- Galerie Project: The Hyper-Real Paintings of Oda and King

2015- Art Attacks: Hyperrealistic paintings of Oda and King

2014- Excavate: Unearthing Artistic Skeletal Remains, Out Of Step Books publication

2014- Black and White, Out Of Step Books publication.

2014- Feathers of Inspiration, Out Of Step Books publication

2013- Antennae of Inspiration, Out Of Step Books publication

2012- Tattoo Revue Magazine, July Issue 


2017- Semi finalist - Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series Contest

2016- Semi finalist - Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series Contest

2016- Grand Prize winner- PRZM Dream Big Contest

2016- Honourable mention- Gamblin Torrit Contest

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